Better Together

From April 2017, all of the separate organisations that made up the Accord Group have come together to form a single business.

Better Together
To ensure that we provide excellent customer service and that our services continue to offer value for money, the Accord Group has become a single business.

We aim to be a great housing and care provider, delivering value at all times and providing excellent services. Our customers told us that they wanted to see:

  • Consistency across services
  • Improved communication
  • A more responsive repairs service
  • Simpler ways of getting things done.

We want to ensure that we offer the very best, and consistent, level of customer service for everyone, so we have put in place a more joined-up organisation that sees all parts of the old Accord Group, including Ashram Housing Association, Caldmoreaccord (Caldmore Area Housing Association and Accord Housing Association), bchs, Fry Housing Trust, Heantun Housing Association and Redditch Co-operative Homes move into a single business, Accord Housing Association.

This new joined-up approach to delivery was first communicated to our customers over a year ago, and since then we have consulted with them closely. Our customers have given us lots of good feedback through a variety of surveys, and we have listened carefully to all comments. In the coming months, we plan to organise local meetings to check that everything is being managed correctly, and we hope to involve more customers in our Locality Customer Panels.

The businesses have merged by a Transfer of Engagements into the parent company Accord Housing Association. Despite moving into one organisation, we will retain our local offices and our staff will be working out in the community more than ever before, operating out of our current areas to ensure we offer local services, straight to our customers.

Join us on this new and exciting journey. Customers can let us know their thoughts by talking to their housing officer. Follow the hashtag #weareaccord on Twitter and Facebook, or email us.

A note for customers

Please make sure that any rent or licence fee payments you make from now on are made to Accord Housing Association Ltd. Please take particular note if you pay us by cheque. If you pay your rent by direct debit we will make the necessary changes to ensure payment is safely received by us. If you use electronic banking or bank transfer to pay your rent, please ensure you have the correct details:

Account Name: Accord Housing Association Limited
Account Number: 11438260
Sort Code: 30-80-12